Who We Are

Mobilizing California’s prophetic spiritual activists for justice since 1913!

The mission of the California Council of Churches (CCC) is to be a prophetic witness to the Gospel by educating faith communities to pursue justice, equity and fairness in the treatment of all people, in particular those most vulnerable in our society.

Company Overview
California Council of Churches brings a new and energizing way of linking moral and ethical views to what’s happening in all critical issues of social justice. People seeking the “Common Good” will find us a progressive leader in all of the burning issues of our day.

Today the mainstream and progressive spiritual communities of faith are at a crossroads. We are hungry for a world where our values are made manifest in justice, kindness, and peace. We work diligently to care for those in need, to bind up our nation’s wounds, to embrace our fellow humans with compassion, understanding, and respect. And yet the words of faith that are heard loudly in our land are too often those that are angry, limiting, and mean. They do not reflect who we really are as people of belief, people who seek a better, more humane world.Since 1913 the California Council of Churches (CCC) and California Church IMPACT (CCI) have labored to be present for you, helping to create a world that cares for all of its citizens regardless of economic class, ages, gender, race and ethnicity, religious belief, or sexual orientation.

General Information
Together CCC and CCI operate a Sacramento-based public policy office representing 51 different denominations and judicatories with over 1.5 million members from the mainstream Protestant and Orthodox Christian communities as well as allies from other faith traditions. The Council offers you thoughtful support for congregational and individual discernment on difficult topics while IMPACT has a strong spiritual activist presence at the state and federal capitols lobbying around legislation that has changed people’s lives.

The Council is a leading voice in representing the theological diversity in the mainstream and progressive communities of faith. We created and co-sponsor an Annual Legislative Issues Briefing in Sacramento and co-founded the California Interfaith Coalition.

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